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My range of produce


Using seasonal, local produce is important to me. Devon produce is fantastic, and luckily I am able to grow many of the ingredients used on our own land. The products listed below are only a taster of some of the things I make. Can’t see your favourite, contact me & we can have a chat about it. Also, keep an eye on my blog for new seasonal ranges.


Apricot, Mixed Berry, Plum, Gooseberry, Strawberry, Peach...

Raspberry - A favourite, sells out as soon as it hits the shelf ! As you can see from this satisfied customer.

When I was visiting UK recently I bought a bottle of your raspberry jam at Tavistock market to bring home to my husband in Washington DC.  He’s a real raspberry-phile, making his own jam etc.  He pronounces your jam the very best he’s ever tasted. Fresh, full of raspberry flavor and not too sweet!  

Next time I’m in UK I’ll swoop by for a case load!!!

Thanks for a wonderful product. 



Kingston Breakfast - If you don’t like peel in your marmalade this is the one for you.

Chilli - A favourite for many. Excellent with cold meats, cheeses and even with a roast. The possibilities are endless!

Also try... Apple, Cider & Sage,  Apple, Cider & Mint,   Medlar - to name but a few!


Three Fruit Marmalade

Seville Orange

Seville Orange & Ginger

Seville Orange & Whisky

Red Onion Marmalade – If you love goat’s cheese, then this is the one for you.


Lemon Curd – Most frequent comment from my customers on eating my curds “this takes me right back to my childhood”

Lime Curd – A tangy twist on an old favourite.


Kingston Special - a classic chutney, a good all-rounder

Tomato Relish - Excellent with burgers or sausages

Tomato - A touch of chilli gives this a little bit of bite

Mango - A favourite, can't make this fast enough!


Indian Lime Pickle

Sweet Pickled Onions or Pickled Beetroots


If  you like vinegars why not try my range of fruit flavours, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Damson 

Or try my range of Mustards, Wholegrain Honey, Wholegrain Beer, Wholegrain Honey with Whisky, Spiced Orange or Chilli Mustard

Or how about trying some of my Chilli Sherry - great for stir fries or add to casseroles & gravies. Just gives them a little extra kick!

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