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The Story So Far ..............

Well this is all very new for me, yes, I've posted 1 Blog but that was easy, just a copy of my article, & I had help .....but now I have to do a little more work!

I started Kingston Preserves back in February, well 25th February to be precise & since then I haven't looked back. From small beginnings in Ivybridge market I've found myself being asked to bring my wares to Artisan, Farmers & Specialist Markets. Oh & did I mention that our local village shop approached me & asked me to sell my jams, chutneys & all things preserves with them. In fact I've just dropped off a second batch of preserves with requests coming in from satisfied customers. As well as that I'm now getting my Christmas range of Hampers & Gifts together, so a busy, but creative time ahead.

I have to say that though this has been a slightly nerve racking few months I have enjoyed myself. I'm doing something I love so what could be better!

So, keep a look out for my blogs, next time I'll attempt a picture or two........but be patient with me, I can make jam but technology is a whole new ball game!!

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