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Christmas is Coming ...................

Well, it's almost here, even though it's only early November I'm having to use the "C" word, you know the one!! I'm going into overdrive & taking over the house by stealth, well not really stealth, how do you disguise big white boxes full of jars & every available surface covered in them. All I can say is that my husband & son are bearing up very well.....hero's both!

As well as the jars there are the hampers to put them in, now these have been a revelation, I never knew there where so many different types & don't get me started on "shred" (the straw like filling). Then there's the glue gun. Well I started with sellotape, not satisfactory so then came the glue dots. Heaven help me, they stick to everything apart from the item they're supposed to be sticking to out came the gun!! Still working on that one.

I'm having to make sure that I have a good stock of hampers as I now have markets every weekend & many days during the week as well. Many hampers have been ordered but people still want to buy them on the day they see them so there always has to be those "that I prepared earlier". It's been fantastic to have customers coming back to me to ask them to make up a Christmas Hamper as a present. I get a buzz every time someone comes back & says "I've bought jam from you & love it. Couldn't think of a better present" So wonderful to know that people like what I do, makes it all worthwhile.

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