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New Year, New Challenges.......

Well, as if by magic I now find myself at the start of 2017, in a few weeks it will be the 1st Anniversary of Kingston Preserves & I can hardly believe it, don't know where the time has gone.

This time last year I was really procrastinating about setting up, "no one will ever want to buy my jam", "it will cost too much", "I don't know anything about selling".......... & so it went on. Kick up the rear end from my nearest & dearest & off I finally went. In February I found myself at Ivybridge Market standing in a cold & windy car park & I was off. Still saying that no one would buy anything but I made the princely sum of £8.50, actually took a little more than that but I had to pay for my pitch. And so it has gone on. From there I was approached by people who actually wanted me to sell at other markets & events, at first I said yes to everything, couldn't believe that this was working. I've since become more circumspect & have learnt, well am still learning, what does & doesn't work for me. I've had some spectacularly good days & markets & some really, really bad ones. I've had every type of weather thrown at me but I've learnt a very important lesson......always have a mat to stand on, helps to keep your feet warm!!

I've loved my first year, for the first time I can remember I love my job, yes even peeling 20 kilos of pickling onions has it's good points, admittedly it was the glass of wine at the end of it but hey a good point!

So my first market of the year is this Saturday 14th January, Tavistock Farmers Market & I am ready for whatever 2017 brings me. See you all there.

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