A Postcard........

Thought I'd share with you a postcard I received back in April this year. Now you might wonder why but there is a point to all of this. To start with I'm surprised that it ever reached me, it was addressed thus:

"The house on the walking path that has an honesty box selling homemade jam and other things,

By Tuckermarsh Bridge,


Bere Alston,


PL20 7EZ ( not even our postcode!)

Think it shows how good our postie actually is! Anyway the postcard said this............

" Dear Householders, Last year in September my wife & I & some other friends walked on he path at the back of your house & were delighted to find the selection of food items for sale next to the honesty box. We purchased a jar of Strawberry Jam & brought it to Sierra Leone where we live. We want to thank you for this! It was truly delicious & reminded us of English country side whenever we indulged. Thanks so much again"

Well to say I was surprised to receive this was an understatement, a postcard from Sierra Leone. Surprised & also very touched that someone had bothered to write to me & let me know that they had enjoyed something I'd made. That postcard & kind gesture also gave me something else, the confidence to start selling my preserves, to start my business. It was then that Kingston Preserves was born & to date I haven't really looked back.

So next time you buy something & you really love it, or it triggers something in you please take the time to say thank you. Those simple words can mean such a lot & you never know where that simple kind gesture can lead.

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